System Manager Overview

After installing MobileIron Core, administrators have access to the following web portal tools:

  • System Manager: for performing most configuration tasks, including:

    • Configuring Core
    • Managing network settings
    • Managing Core within your infrastructure
    • Upgrading Core
    • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Admin Portal: for performing most common administrative tasks.

    Refer to your MobileIron Core Device Management Guide for information on using the Admin Portal.

    Documentation resources provides instructions on how to access MobileIron product documentation.

Documentation resources

MobileIron Core and related product documentation is available in the Support Community:

MobileIron Support credentials are required to access the Support Community.


The following terminology is used in this document.

  • MICS: MobileIron Configuration Service (the service that supports System Manager)
  • MIFS: MobileIron File Service (the service that supports the rest of MobileIron Core)