AppConnect for iOS and Android Analytics

Get Analytics for AppConnect Apps

This API returns a ZIP file that contains AppConnect analytics for a specified AppConnect app. The ZIP file contains CSV files, one for each device on which the AppConnect app has run. Each CSV file provides statistics about AppConnect app usage on a device.

The ZIP file has the following folder structure:

<app ID>
<first device ID>
	CSV file
	version.txt file
<second device ID>
	CSV file
	version.txt file

Each CSV file contains one row per app session. Each row contains:

the start time of the foreground session, given in seconds since January 1, 1970 (Unix time).

Example: 1381268056367

the duration of the session, given in seconds

Example: 35

the timezone where the session occurred, given in minutes from Greenwich Mean Time.

Example for Pacific Daylight Time: -420

the number of bytes the app transferred during the session (under construction)

Each version.txt file contains the version number of the AppConnect app.


https://<Ivanti EPMM>/api/v1/apps/appconnect/analytics?appid=com.mycompany.myapp


Returns ZIP file containing usage statistics for the specified app.

Http Method:



xml, json



Response Status Code:


‘404 – No Data Found’

There is no data.

‘200 – OK’

Data is present and the response is returned.






The app ID of the AppConnect app for which you want the analytics CSV files.


For iOS AppConnect apps, the app ID is the bundle ID. For Android AppConnect apps, it is the package name.