Document Overview

This document provides development information for customers and partners intending to use Ivanti EPMM Web Service APIs.

The initial sections provide general guidelines and conventions for reference.

The main part of the document includes API descriptions, which are categorized as follows:

Exchange ActiveSync – retrieves detailed information for EAS devices and provides a way to act on those devices.

Security management –helps a user with password protection.

Alerts – allows for alert retrieval and updates.

Applications – provides an inventory of installed applications.


Application settings

AppConnect analytics

Each of the above categories contains one or more API calls.  In most cases, there is an API description, a URI, a set of mandatory or optional request parameters, response status codes, and the response (with example data included).  The input parameters and output response include definitions where necessary.  Please refer to the Administration Guide for additional background and details on how these functions behave in the UI.

The end of the document includes a sample http test client implemented in Java.