Calculating devices impacted by changing or removing labels

Before you change what is applied to a label, or delete a label, you would like to know if that action impacts a large number of devices. Knowing that a large number of devices are affected by an action might cause you to rethink your actions.

You can set a threshold for the number of devices impacted by the following actions:

  • Removing a configuration from a label.
  • Deleting a label.

If either of these actions impact the number of devices you set as a threshold or more, you are notified, and can decide to modify or cancel the action.

The default threshold Ivanti EPMM uses is 100 devices, which can be changed in Settings.

If deleting a label or removing a configuration from a label affects a number of devices that exceeds the threshold, you receive an alert that:

  • Lets you know that the action would affect more than the threshold number of devices.
  • Asks you if you want to cancel the action or continue.
  • Requests that you enter a reason for the action if you continue.

For example, if you set the threshold to 90 devices, alerts are sent if 91 or more devices are affected by the action.

Setting the device impact threshold

The default number of devices for the Device Impact Threshold is 100. You can set this to a different number, if your Ivanti EPMM implementation requires.


  1. Log into the Admin Portal.
  2. Go to to Settings > System Settings.
  3. Go to General > Enterprise, enter the number of devices in Device Impact Threshold.
  4. Click Save.

The correct threshold differs among deployments. What you are determining is the number of devices you will put at risk with a label action without wanting a warning first and a reason that you can track if the action causes problems.

For some deployments that number can be ten devices. For other deployments it may be 500 devices. If you are not certain what number to specify:

  • Start with the default number, 100 devices.
  • If many label actions impact more than 100 devices, you might find the warning messages occur too often.
  • If you want to understand the impact of all label and configuration label removals for some period of time, you can lower Device Impact Threshold to monitor the effects of these actions.

Responding to label action alerts

If either removing a configuration from a label or deleting a label affects more than the set threshold of devices, a message displays letting you know that the action affects more than the threshold number of devices and asking you for guidance.


  1. If you decide to cancel the action, click No.
  2. To complete the action, enter the reason why you are continuing in Reason, and then click Yes.