Creating a label based on custom LDAP user attributes

If you have one or more custom user attributes defined in your LDAP settings, you can create a label using the custom attributes.

There are two types of custom LDAP attributes available in advanced search.

  • Custom 1 through Custom 4 are always available in the field list in advanced search, and appear as “custom1” through “custom4”.
  • Custom Attribute 1, Custom Attribute 2, and so on, are available in advanced search only if they are assigned in LDAP settings. These custom attributes appear in the field list as the value they were assigned in the setting. For example, if Custom Attribute 1 is set to “Manager” in LDAP settings, it appears in the advanced search field list as “Manager”, under User Fields> LDAP >User Attributes.

To view the custom attributes in the LDAP settings, go to Services > LDAP. Click the LDAP instance to open the LDAP details. If you make changes to LDAP settings, LDAP is synced automatically.


  1. Log into the Admin Portal.
  2. Go to Device & Users > Devices.
  3. Click the advanced search icon.
  4. In the query builder, click Field and select the custom attribute, found under User Fields > LDAP > User Attributes.

    Complete your search criteria using the query builder or by manually editing the expression.

  5. Click Save To Label.
  6. Type a name and description for the new label.