Devices associated with chart sections in the devices dashboard

Each category of information in a dashboard chart can be displayed as a list of devices.


  • If you display the Device By OS Type chart as a bar graph, clicking the bar for Android displays all the registered devices using Android. Similarly, clicking the bar for iOS or Windows displays all the registered devices using iOS or Windows.
  • If you display Device By Status as a pie chart, clicking one of the chart slices displays a list of the devices included in that chart slice.

The device list page also displays the advanced search box with the query that produces the list of devices associated with the chart category.

Listing the devices associated with a category in a dashboard chart:

  • Identifies which devices belong to a category.
  • Enables more-informed decisions about device actions.

Using the Advanced Search box displayed with the device list you can:

  • Generate precise category-based search criteria.
  • Modify the category search criteria.
  • Save the category search criteria as a label.
  • Rerun the query using the Search button.