Displaying device lists from devices dashboard charts

You can use the devices dashboard charts to display device lists by specified criteria.


  1. In the Admin Portal, go to Dashboard > Devices.
  2. Click a category from one of the dashboard charts (for example, click a slice in a pie chart or a bar in a bar graph).

    The devices included in that category are displayed in a separate window.

    The advanced search box displays at the top of this window.

  3. Click the X at the top of the window when you are done.

The advanced search box displays the filter that generates the device list. You can:

  • Use the filter to rerun the search.
  • Modify the filter to generate a different set of devices.
  • Save the filter as a label, creating a dynamic label that represents the devices defined by the filter at a given time.
  • Click the Reset button to delete any changes you made to the original query.
  • Click the Clear button to delete the current query criteria.