Ivanti Community - Submitting Ideas

The original Ideas Portal has moved to the Ivanti Community and is the place to add your enhancement and new feature suggestions for Ivanti EPMM products.

To access the Ivanti Community, you must have an account with Ivanti Support, and must also have the credentials to access that account. For more information, contact your Ivanti representative.

To submit an enhancement or new feature idea to Ivanti Community:


  1. Go to Ivanti Community and login.
  2. From the More drop-down menu at the top, select Product Ideas from the alphabetical list.
  3. Scroll down the page and select Ivanti Ideas.
    • Follow the instructions on the Ideas page for a search.

  4. To submit an Idea, scroll to the Post a new idea... column on the right-hand side of a full screen or scroll down to find.
  5. Choose the appropriate product from the list.
  6. Fill in the form with the information for your enhancement or new feature idea. There is also a place to upload any files you would like to submit.
  7. Click Post Idea.

Use the Posting Guidelines information if needed. There is a Contact Us link if you have issues getting your ideas uploaded.