Tracking registration status

You can track the registration status of each device.


  1. From the Admin Portal, go to Devices & Users > Devices page to view the state of each device.

    • Pending: the device has been registered on the Ivanti EPMM Server, but the Ivanti Mobile@Work app (Apps@Work for Windows) download has not yet been completed.)
    • Verified: the user has confirmed that the download of Ivanti Mobile@Work app (Apps@Work for Windows) should proceed.
    • Active: the Ivanti Mobile@Work app (Apps@Work for Windows) has been successfully downloaded and connected back to Ivanti EPMM at least once.
    • Lost: the device has been manually marked as Lost. This status does not affect other functionality.
    • Wiped: the device has been restored to factory defaults.

Ivanti Mobile@Work cannot be installed on macOS devices.