Using bulk enrollment for Android devices

You can use bulk enrollment to register multiple Android devices quickly.

See Registration considerations for points to consider before using this registration method.

Before you begin:

  • The Android SDK must be installed on the computer used to register the devices.
  • Enable USB debugging. For more information on USB debugging see
  • Install Ivanti Mobile@Work on each device.
  • Use a USB cable to connect the devices to the provisioning computer.

Example adb shell:

$ adb shell am start "mirp://"

Sample values include:

Table 19.  Sample values for adb shell
Key Value


User name that would have been typed into the username field if using iReg. Required.


Registration Pin Required.


  • Set to TRUE: Do not display the splash screen. The Privacy screen is not displayed. The Apps@Work shortcut is not created. On Zebra devices, Device Administration privileges are set automatically.

  • Set to FALSE: The user must tap Continue on the Welcome screen to proceed. When quickstart is set to false the user must choose whether to accept Apps@Work shortcut creation, must Acknowledge Privacy policy, and accept Device Admin priviledges. Optional defaults set to FALSE.

Here is an example of a bulk enrollment script:

for i in `adb devices | grep -v devices | grep device | cut -f 1`


echo "Registering $i"

adb shell am start "mirp://"


You might receive these error messages when you use bulk enrollment.

Table 20.  Bulk enrollment error messages
Error Resolution

mirp scheme not found

Example mirp scheme:

am start "mirp://"


URL is invalid

Occurs if no data string is sent at all. Verify that the URL is correct.

No server information found

Server information missing or improperly entered.

No user information found

Verify that user key was entered.