Notifying all device users using labels

You can send out push notifications to all device users using labels. Ivanti EPMM releases prior to limited the number of broadcast messages to 200 at a time. From Ivanti EPMM through the most recently released version as supported by Ivanti EPMM, the Ivanti EPMM Send Message To Label(s) option sends messages in batches of 200, until all device users are notified.

This option is applicable only for devices that support the Send Message action.


  1. From the Devices & Users > Labels page, select a label that contains the users you want to notify.

  2. From the Actions menu, select Send Message. The Send Message To Label(s) dialog box opens.

  3. Select the message mode: Email, Push Notification, or Data Channel. Push Notification is the default.

  4. Enter your message text into the Message field (plain text only).

  5. Click Send Message. The message is sent to all devices.

Monitoring and verifying the sent messages

You can monitor the process of sending a message to a large number of device users from the Logs > Audit Logs page.


  1. After sending a message to device users through a label, go to Logs > Audit Logs page.

  2. In the Filters pane, set the Action Date to include when you sent the message.

  3. Open the Device filters from the list of filters.

  4. Select Send Message to display the audit logs for your message.