Managing Devices

A device is available for management by Ivanti EPMM after it has been registered by a device user or administrator. This chapter covers the following topics:

Refer to the Ivanti EPMM Device Management Guide for other device-related topics. The following table lists advanced topics related to device registration.

Table 12.  Device Registration Advanced Topics
Registration topic OS
  • Specifying eligible platforms for registration
  • Configuring user authentication requirements for registration
  • Customizing registration messages
  • Configuring the default ownership for newly registered devices


Web-based registration for Android devices


  • Web-based registration iOS and macOS device.
  • Removing an MDM profile.

iOS, macOS

Registration by invitation


  • In-app registration for iOS and Android
  • Visual privacy

Android, iOS

  • ActiveSync device registration
  • Managing operators and countries

Android, iOS, Windows

Some features are not applicable if you use MAM-only iOS or Android devices. For more information, see “Managing apps on MAM-only devices” in the Ivanti EPMM Apps@Work Guide.