High Availability Ivanti EPMM software upgrade procedures

The procedure below describes the required steps to upgrade the Ivanti EPMM servers in an HA environment. This procedure is critical because the Ivanti EPMM HA replication process has built-in checks to enforce that replication can only occur between Ivanti EPMMs with the same software version. Replication will not occur if they are not at the same software release level. This procedure assumes you are logging into the System Manager Portal of both the Primary and Secondary Ivanti EPMM servers. If you are not, do so now.


  1. Disable HA on the Secondary Ivanti EPMM.
  2. Ensure that any currently running replication process is allowed to complete before upgrading the Ivanti EPMM. Do not proceed unless the Last Sync Status has a date/time in the Completed: field and Success is displayed for Result.
  3. Disable the load balancer from detecting any of the HA Ivanti EPMMs from becoming unavailable and failing over.
  4. Upgrade the Secondary and validate the upgrade.

    • Make this server Primary so you can download the Ivanti EPMM upgrade software (allowing the server to connect to support portal)
    • Upgrade and validate the upgrade.
    • Return the server mode back to Secondary.
  5. Upgrade the Primary Ivanti EPMM and validate the upgrade.
  6. Enable HA on the Secondary.
  7. Perform test and validation on the Ivanti EPMM HA environment. Complete the steps outlined in the Step 7 – Test and validate the Ivanti EPMM HA environment section.
  8. Review and update the rest of the HA configuration parameters, especially the StartTime and Run Every parameters, as these will most likely need to be updated.
  9. Re-enable the load balancer.

At this point, the HA environment is back to normal operation with all Ivanti EPMMs running on the same software release version.