Step 5 – Configure and test HA sync on Secondary Ivanti EPMM server

This step configures and tests the sync process testing the configuration of the Ivanti EPMM HA components and if the replication is successful. This step assumes you are still logged into the System Manager Portal of the Secondary Ivanti EPMM server. If you are not, log in now.

The initial sync will copies everything from one server to another while subsequent syncs only copy changes. Therefore, the initial sync will take more time than subsequent syncs.


  1. Go to the Secondary server.
  2. Go to the Secondary Configuration section.
  3. Select the Primary server from the Hostname/IP drop-down menu.
  4. Click Run Sync Now to test all the components in the HA environment.
  5. Click Sync History to see the sync execution details.
  6. Wait for the sync process to complete then click Refresh to update the Last Sync Status fields.