Step 6 – Configure sync schedule and notifications

The final step is configuring the HA sync schedule and process notifications. You should only start this step when you are satisfied that the two servers are communicating and able to execute a sync properly. Then you can configure the schedule any remaining parameters.


  1. Go to the Secondary Configuration section.

  2. Select a time in the StartTime (GMT) drop-down menu to set the starting time when the first replication is to occur. This time is in UTC time. Note that this value overwrites the scheduler every time you save this page.

  3. Enter a value into the Run Every box to set how often the replication process executes. This value starts its reference point from the StartTime value. You can set the time in minutes, hours, or days.

  4. Go to the Fail Over Controls section.

  5. Enter the following values for:

    1. Heartbeat Interval: to control how often the Secondary server tries to connect to the Primary server to check it is alive.
    2. Consecutive Heartbeat failures before failover: to control how many consecutive connection attempts to the Primary can failed before attempting to promote the Standby server to Primary (active).
    3. Re-check interval: to define the amount of time between connection attempts when the previous attempt resulted in connection failure. This is the retry wait time between attempts.
  6. Indicate what happens when the Primary is unavailable and a failover should occur by selecting one of the options for If Failure Detected:

    1. Keep in Standby: this option does not allow the Secondary to become Primary. The failover process gets initiated, notifications are completed, but the Secondary stays in standby mode.
    2. Promote to Primary: this option allows the Secondary to become Primary if the Primary becomes unavailable.
  7. Go to the Notification Settings section and make the following selections:

    • Email: Enter a valid email address where the notifications should go to.
    • Notify On: Sync Completion (optional): When selected, the system generates a notification email every time the sync process executes and completes successfully.
    • Notify On: Failure / This server becomes primary (optional): When selected, the system generates an email notification every time the sync process executes and fails and/or when an Ivanti EPMM HA failover event occurs.
  8. Click Save and Apply.