Step 7 – Test and validate the Ivanti EPMM HA environment

Use this test plan to help you test your Ivanti EPMM HA systems.

Table 4.  Test and validation plan for Ivanti EPMM HA




Expected Results



Check System Connectivity

On Primary server, go to Manage Trusted Hosts > Test Connection (against the Secondary Ivanti EPMM)

On Secondary server, go to Manage Trusted Hosts > Test Connection (against the Primary Ivanti EPMM)

Successful results from both tests.



Sync systems manually

On Secondary server, go to Select primary from the Primary Ivanti EPMM Hostname menu.

Click Run Sync Now.

In Sync History, all tasks show completed with no errors reported.



Verify Standby Ivanti EPMM updated correctly

On Secondary server through the CLI Enable mode, start tomcat:

>service tomcat start

Log on through the Admin portal and confirm the device count matches that in the Primary Ivanti EPMM.

The device count is exactly the same as the Primary.



Test Email Notification

On Secondary server, under Notification Settings, enter a valid email and click Test

A test email is sent by the Secondary server.



Confirm Heartbeat Process

On Standby server go to Troubleshooting > Logs select MICS > Apply.

In View Module Logs select HighAvailability.

The heartbeat activity shows in the HighAvailability window.