Use the Settings > CLI options to manage command line interface access settings specified during configuration. This section includes the following topics:

Editing CLI settings


  1. Log into System Manager.
  2. Go to Settings > CLI to open the CLI Configuration window.
  3. Modify one or more of the CLI fields, as necessary. Refer to the CLI Configuration window table for details.
  4. Click Apply > OK to save the changes.

CLI Configuration window

The following table summarizes fields and descriptions in the CLI Configuration window:

Table 11.  CLI configuration window



Enable Secret

Click the Change Enable Secret link to require users to enter a password in order to use the CLI.

Confirm Enable Secret

Re-enter the specified password to confirm. This field displays only if you click the Change Enable Secret link.

CLI Session Timeout (minutes)

Specify the duration of inactivity on the SSH connection that will cause the session to time out.


Select Enable if you want to allow SSH access to the Ivanti EPMM Administration tool.

Max SSH Sessions

Specify the maximum number of simultaneous SSH sessions to allow.