Maintenance overview

System Manager Maintenance menu options contains menu items for configuring Ivanti EPMM access. The following table summarizes the tasks associated with each menu item.

Table 38.  Maintenance Menu Items

Settings Menu


Software Updates

Upgrade, configure, and manage software versions. Refer to the appendix Upgrading Ivanti EPMM Releases for details.

Export Configuration

Export system configuration files for backup.

Import Configuration

Import backed up system configuration files.

Clear Configuration

Clear unsaved configuration settings and return to the default configuration.

System Storage

Monitor disk storage availability.


Reboot the Ivanti server, clear the current configuration settings, and to restart all server modules.

System Backup

Test connectivity to the backup server, schedule daily backups, and perform an immediate backup.

Optimize Database

Optimize Ivanti EPMM database performance by cleaning up fragmentation in the database.