Use the Settings > Services options to enable or disable the following Ivanti services:

  • Ivanti EPMM: Ivanti EPMM service.
  • Splunk Forwarder: Splunk Forwarder service.
  • Reporting Database Exporter: Ivanti RDB (Reporting Database). Enabling the Reporting Database Exporter allows the Reporting Database to extract the relevant Ivanti EPMM data.
    • Migrator: Enabling this service is part of the procedures for migrating from Ivanti EPMM to Ivanti Neurons for MDM. It retrieves device information from Ivanti EPMM. Enable this service only if Ivanti Professional Services instructs you to.

Managing Services


To manage these services:

  1. Log into the System Manager.
  2. Go to Settings > Services.
  3. Select Enable or Disable next to any of the services.
  4. Click the link to open a window to any running service.

    • You might need to log into the service.
    • The Running link for Splunk Forwarder is not a live link to the service. When you disable the Splunk Forwarder service, you also disable the connection to the Splunk indexers configured in Settings > Data Export > Splunk Indexer.
    • If you re-enable the Splunk Forwarder service, Ivanti EPMM re-connects to the indexers configured in Settings > Data Export > Splunk Indexer.
  5. Click Apply > OK to save the changes.