Troubleshooting overview

Troubleshooting menu options provide you with the opportunity to investigate possible problems with Ivanti operation. In most cases, you will use this page under the direction of Ivanti Technical Support.

The following table summarizes the tasks associated with each menu item.

Table 43.   Troubleshooting Menu Items

Settings Menu



Enable, disable, clear, view, and export logs.

Network Monitor

Produce a TCP dump for one of the Ivanti Server physical interfaces.

Service Diagnostic

Check the health of the following services:

  • Support_Site
  • MapQuest
  • DNS
  • NTP
  • Email

System Monitor

Monitor Ivanti EPMM performance over a period of time.

Queue Activation

Performance troubleshooting with Ivanti Technical Support.

In-Memory Queue Monitor

Provides Ivanti Technical Support with information about tasks in the queue in your Ivanti EPMM memory.