Updating Ivanti EPMM using the CLI

Use the Ivanti EPMM CLI as an alternate way to upgrade Ivanti EPMM. When you upgrade Ivanti EPMM it is important to properly set up the environment and all necessary components. Read and complete each section before upgrading Ivanti EPMM using the CLI:

Configuring your update repo


To configure your update repo:

  1. Log into the CLI using the administrator account you created during installation.
  2. Enter the following command to switch to EXEC Privileged mode: enable

  3. Enter the password for enabling the EXEC Privileged mode.

    The command line prompt changes: #

  4. Enter the following command to enable CONFIG mode: configure terminal

  5. Enter the following command to specify the URL and credentials for the repo:

    software repository https://support.mobileiron.com/mi/vsp/<version and build number>/mobileiron-<version and build number> <username><password>


software repository https://support.mobileiron.com/mi/vsp/ <username> <password>

In the above command, <username> and <password> are your company's download/documentation credentials as provided by Ivanti Technical Support.

For the URL of the Ivanti EPMM release to which you want to upgrade. see “Ivanti EPMM upgrade URL” in the release notes for that Ivanti EPMM release.

Initiating the upgrade

Under no circumstances should you restart the upgrade. Contact Ivanti Technical Support if you need assistance.


  1. Enter the following command to exit CONFIG mode: end

  2. To list the updates available, enter the following command: software checkupdate

  3. Confirm that there are no errors displayed.
  4. Enter the following command to download the latest available updates: software update

Rebooting Ivanti EPMM


  1. After all the listed updates are installed, enter the following command to reload the appliance: reload

    The following message displays: System configuration may have been modified. Save? [yes/no]

  2. Enter no.

    The following message displays: Proceed with reload? [yes/no]

  3. Enter yes. The reboot could take up to 15 minutes to complete.

    The following error might display on the console and should be resolved after you complete the remaining upgrade steps:

    modprobe: FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.18.c15/modules.dcp: No such file or directory

  4. To confirm that the upgrade is complete, make sure you can log into the Admin Portal: https://<FQDN>/mifs.