Working with Test IDP

The Test IDP tab lets you test IdP’s in your environment before using the identity provider in your production deployment. It is provided only for testing purposes. You must use only commercial IdPs such as Microsoft ADFS, Okta, OneLogin, or PingIdentity. You can add up to 5 test IdP users in your environment.

Before you begin 

Verify that you have downloaded the metadata file available on Settings > Test IDP > Applications > Download Test IDP Metadata file.

Create a federated pair with your service provider metadata file and the Test IDP metadata file that you downloaded. For example, Salesforce metadata and Test IDP metadata.


1. Navigate to Settings > Test IDP and click Add Test IDP User. The Add Test IDP User window opens.
2. Enter the First name, Last name, Username, Email and New Password for the IDP user.
3. Click Done. The IdP user is created.
4. On the Applications tab, click Add Application and enter the App Name.
5. Select Add Metadata or Upload Metadata to upload the Ivanti Access SP Metadata file that you downloaded when creating a Federated Pair OR or select Metadata URL and enter the URL for metadata details.

For example, the Salesforce metadata file used to create the test federated pair.

6. Click Done.
7. The Test IDP Reports tab displays the report after being authenticated by test IdP, success or failure.

Use this report to assess the IdP use in your deployment.