About Ivanti Access

Ivanti Access is a cloud service, which works in conjunction with a UEM to secure access to the enterprise content in business cloud services such as Box, G Suite, Office 365, Dropbox, and Salesforce. Ivanti Access supports the following UEMs:

  • Ivanti Neurons for MDM
  • Ivanti EPMM

Deployment modes

Ivanti Access consists of two modes of deployment.

  • Ivanti Access
    In an Access deployment, Access integrates directly with a UEM to get device posture and compliance information from the UEM.
  • Ivanti Access + Standalone Sentry
    In an Ivanti Access + Standalone Sentry, Ivanti Access integrates with Standalone Sentry to get device posture and compliance. In this deployment, Ivanti Access has two components:
    • The Ivanti Access administrative portal, which is a SaaS service. Federated pair setup and configurations are done in the Ivanti Access administrative portal.

    • The Ivanti Access gateway, which runs on Standalone Sentry, enforces conditional access policies and provides native mobile app single sign-on (SSO).