Viewing certificates stored in [email protected]

[email protected] for iOS stores AppConnect-related certificates which you can view in [email protected] at Settings > Secure Apps > Stored Certificates. The following table describes the types of certificates stored.

Table 1. Certificates stored in [email protected] for iOS

[email protected] version

Types of certificates stored in [email protected]

9.5 through 9.8

Identity certificates for which all of the following are true:

- You configured a certificate enrollment setting on MobileIron Core that is referenced by an AppConnect app configuration, [email protected] setting, or [email protected] setting.
- Core has delivered the identity certificate to [email protected]

10.0 and supported newer versions

The types of certificates stored in [email protected] 9.5 through 9.8

Certificates pinned to an AppConnect app using a Client TLS configuration in the app's AppConnect app configuration, [email protected] setting, or [email protected]

[email protected] also stores certificates from derived credentials but derived credential certificates are not delivered from Core. [email protected] displays derived credentials separately, if applicable. See the Core Derived Credentials Guide for more information.


1. In [email protected], tap Settings.
2. Tap Secure Apps.
3. Tap Stored Certificates.

A screen displays a list of internal identifiers for the certificates.

4. Tap on an internal identifier.

A screen displays the following information about the certificate:

- the subject name
- the issuer
- When the certificate is valid (initial date and expiration date)
- the serial number

“Certificate delivery time for AppConnect-related certificates” in the Core Derived Credentials Guide.

Certificate pinning for AppConnect apps