Available C# bindings

The .NET AppConnect C# binding supports all the Objective-C APIs available in the AppConnect library with the following exceptions:

APIs relating to getting upload status for tunneled HTTP/S requests

Secure file I/O POSIX-style and Objective-C APIs

The ACSensitiveData and ACSensitiveMutableData APIs

The custom cryptography methods -derivedAppKeyWithIdentifier:error: and

The -appConnect:openInAttemptedWhenACOpenInPolicyBlocked: callback method

The -appConnectAttemptedDragAndDropToNonAppConnectApp: callback method

The APIs relating to sharing secure files from an extension

The APIs relating to the Open From policy (Note that the AppConnect library enforces the Open From policy)

The AppConnect C# binding provides documentation for each method, property and enumeration in HTML and in Monodoc format. You can also refer to the information in the Objective-C API descriptions in AppConnect for iOS API.