Before adding derived credentials code

Before adding code to your app to send derived credentials to the Ivanti client, do the following tasks:

Making your app an AppConnect app

Declaring the appConnectdc URL scheme as allowed

Registering as a handler of a URL scheme you define

Making your app an AppConnect app

Your app must be an AppConnect app and therefore must implement the AppConnect APIs to handle:

AppConnect authorization

AppConnect data loss prevention policies if applicable

Dual mode behavior

App-specific configuration if applicable

Therefore, follow the instructions in:

Getting started tasks to set up your app to use the AppConnect library.

Derived credential handling to handle AppConnect app authorization, data loss prevention policies, and app-specific configuration

Developing third-party dual-mode apps to make your app choose to behave in AppConnect mode (managed by Ivanti) or non-AppConnect mode.

Declaring the appConnectdc URL scheme as allowed

Declare the appconnectdc URL scheme in your app’s Info.plist as an allowed URL scheme. Your app’s instance of the AppConnect library uses the appconnectdc URL scheme to communicate with the Ivanti client.

To allow the appconnectdc URL scheme, add an item to the key called LSApplicationQueriesSchemes, which you already created to contain an item for the appconnect URL scheme. Add an item named appconnectdc.

The following screenshot from Xcode 7.3.1 illustrates the appconnectdc and appconnect items.

Registering as a handler of a URL scheme you define

The Ivanti client uses a custom URL scheme that your app defines to communicate with your app about derived credentials. Specifically, the Ivanti client can send a request to your app to create a new derived credential. The scheme the Ivanti client uses is:

<URL scheme you define>://new

Register your URL scheme by modifying the app’s Info.plist, illustrated in the following Xcode 7.3.1 screenshot.