How to include the .NETC# binding in your .NET project

The .NET AppConnect C# binding is available in AppConnectiOSSDK_V<version>_<build>.zip in AppConnectSDKBinding.dll.

To include AppConnectSDKBinding.dll in your .NET solution using Visual Studio:

  1. Unzip AppConnectiOSSDK_V<version>_<build>.zip on to your computer.

  2. Open your app’s solution in Visual Studio.

  3. In the iOS project, select References > Edit References...

  4. Select the .Net Assembly tab.

  5. Click Browse to navigate to and select the AppConnectSDKBinding.dll in the unzipped AppConnect SDK folders.

  6. Click Open to select the DLL file.

  7. Click OK.

The classes, methods, and properties of the .NET AppConnect C# APIs are now available for your app to use.