NSKeyedUnarchiver category

Each method in the NSKeyedUnarchiver category corresponds to a method in the NSKeyedUnarchiver class, but provides a secure version of the functionality. For more information about the functionality and usage, see NSKeyedUnarchiver in developer.apple.com.

The category method returns an NSError object. The methods set the properties on the object as described in NSError objects that secure Objective-C methods return.

The following table shows each added method and its corresponding method in NSKeyedUnarchiver.

Table 27.   NSKeyedUnarchiver category methods

Method in category

Corresponding method in NSKeyedUnarchiver

+ (id)unarchiveObjectWithSecureFile:

(NSString *)path


NSError *__autoreleasing *)error;

+ (id)unarchiveObjectWithFile:

(NSString *)path;

For a code example, see NSKeyedUnarchiver category.