Overview of using AppConnect with .NET apps

The AppConnect for iOS SDK provides a .NET C# binding for the AppConnect library APIs. This binding allows you to develop iOS AppConnect apps using the .NET development platform.

If your AppConnect app is to be distributed from the Apple App Store, due to Apple App Store requirements, your app is required to work as either an AppConnect app or a regular app. See Developing third-party dual-mode apps.

The .NET AppConnect C# binding, sample apps, and C# API documentation are available at these sites:

https://developer.mobileiron.com in

https://support.mobileiron.com/support/CDL.html in the plugins/NET.MAUI folder of the AppConnectiOSSDK_V<version>_<build>.zip

The ..NET folder in these ZIP files contains:


Docs folder

Contains the Monodoc documentation of .NET AppConnect C# APIs.

Docs-html folder

Contains the HTML documentation of ..NET AppConnect C# APIs, generated for convenience from the Monodoc documentation.

Samples folder

Contains the sample apps HelloAppConnectDOTNET and DualMode.

For general information about AppConnect, see Introducing the AppConnect for iOS SDK.