Third-party AppConnect app testing overview

Test your app using the instructions in this chapter or the instructions in Testing for in-house app developers based on the following table:


Table 44.   Where to find the right testing instructions

Your role

Testing instructions

Third-party app developer

This chapter

In-house app developer whose organization uses Ivanti Neurons for MDM

This chapter

In-house app developer whose organization uses Ivanti EPMM or Connected Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

See Testing for in-house app developers.

Testing with Ivanti EPMM as described in this chapter is necessary to verify the AppConnect-related functionality of your AppConnect app. If your app accesses servers behind a firewall using AppTunnel, a Standalone Sentry is necessary to verify the AppTunnel feature. All AppConnect apps require Mobile@Work to interact with Ivanti EPMM.

For testing your app, Ivanti provides you access to Connected Ivanti Neurons for MDM, the cloud offering of the on-premise server Ivanti EPMM. Ivanti also provides you access to Standalone Sentry if necessary. You then use a web portal called the Admin Portal to make configuration changes necessary for testing your app.

Apps that you test with Connected Ivanti Neurons for MDM and Mobile@Work will also work with Ivanti Neurons for MDM and supported versions of Go. However, some AppConnect features are not supported by Ivanti Neurons for MDM and Go.

Use an enterprise build of your app for testing. When your app is completely tested, build a distribution build for distributing the app through the Apple App Store. These procedures are for testing only.

Before you begin:

Contact Ivanti to provide you with a Ivanti EPMM (Connected Ivanti Neurons for MDM) and (if necessary) Standalone Sentry.

Get Mobile@Work from the Apple App Store.