What is a dual-mode app?

If your AppConnect app is distributed from the Apple App Store, due to Apple App Store requirements, your app is required to work as either:

  • an AppConnect app for enterprise users

  • a regular app for general consumers

Such an app is called a dual-mode app. Using one code base and APIs in the AppConnect for iOS SDK, the app automatically decides when it launches which mode to behave in:

  • As an AppConnect app

    The app supports the AppConnect features, such as authorization, data loss prevention, and secure file I/O. Ivanti, through the Ivantiserver, the Ivanti client app, and the AppConnect library, provides AppConnect management.

  • As a regular app

    The app supports none of the AppConnect features. Furthermore, depending on the app, the functionality available as a regular app can differ significantly from the functionality available as an AppConnect app. For example, as a regular app, the app does not allow the user to access any sensitive enterprise data.

    A typical reason that an app runs as a regular app is that AppConnect is not configured for the device on the Ivanti server. An app also runs as a regular app if the Ivanti client app has not yet been installed on the device.

AppConnect apps distributed from the Apple App Store must be dual-mode apps. If you are a third-party app developer, you typically build apps for Apple App Store distribution. If you are an in-house app developer, your apps are typically distributed from the Ivanti server.

IMPORTANT: If your app is not distributed from the Apple App Store and works only as an AppConnect app, ignore the dual-mode capability and associated APIs.