iOS active state change notifications due to AppConnect control switches

Control switches from an AppConnect app to the Ivanti client app and then back to the app in certain situations. You can receive notifications when the app is about to move from or to the iOS active state due to these AppConnect control switches.

Use these notifications to preserve your app’s state before it re-signs from the iOS active state, and restore your app’s state when it moves back to the iOS active state. For example, if your app is in full screen mode, preserve that fact so that the app can return to full screen mode.

Implement the following callback methods in the AppConnectDelegate protocol, defined in AppConnect.h:


-(void) applicationWillResignActiveForAppConnect:(AppConnect *)appConnect;


-(void) applicationDidBecomeActiveFromAppConnect:(AppConnect *)appConnect;

If the callback methods are not implemented in -applicationWillResignActive and -applicationDidBecomeActive:, the app's state is not immediately updated in the Ivanti client.

Situations that trigger the state change notifications

The following situations trigger the iOS active state change notifications:

The app checkin interval expires while an AppConnect app is running. The Ivanti client app gets AppConnect policy updates for all the AppConnect apps, and then control switches back to the app that was running.

The auto-lock time expires while an AppConnect is running.

Note that the following conditions also cause control to switch to the Ivanti client app, but do not trigger the state change notifications:

the first time an app is launched

the first time an app is relaunched after iOS terminated it

after the device is powered on and the device user first launches an AppConnect app.

after the device user logs out of secure apps in the Ivanti client app, and then relaunches an AppConnect app.

Furthermore, if control switches to the Ivanti client app, but, due to user actions, does not directly switch back to the app, -applicationDidBecomeActiveFromAppConnect: is not triggered. For example,
-applicationDidBecomeActiveFromAppConnect: is not triggered if control switches from the app to the Ivanti client app because the auto-lock time expires, but the user presses the Home button instead of entering the AppConnect passcode.