AppConnect for Android apps

The following provides an overview of the types of AppConnect apps:

Types of AppConnect Apps

AppConnect for Android supports apps developed by:

  • third-party developers
  • in-house developers
  • Ivanti

The apps can be:

  • Java apps
  • Hybrid web apps, including Cordova and PhoneGap apps

    Hybrid web apps use Android WebView and WebKit technologies to access and display web content.

  • Java apps which use C or C++ code

    C and C++ code are native code languages on Android devices. These apps are built with the Android Native Development Kit (NDK)

  • Apps built with the Xamarin development platform
  • Apps built with the React Native mobile development framework

All apps are wrapped with the AppConnect for Android wrapper. All apps are distributed by uploading them to the App Catalog on Ivanti Neurons for MDM as in-house apps.

Wrapping does not support all Java APIs and features or all NDK features. Details are listed in the AppConnect for Android App Developers Guide.

AppConnect apps that Ivanti provides for Android

Ivanti provides the following AppConnect apps. The apps are available at under MobileIron.


The Docs@Work for Android app provides users with an easy way to access, annotate, share, and view documents across a variety of on-premise and cloud storage repositories (for example, SharePoint, CIFS, WebDAV, O365, Box, and Dropbox).


Email+ provides secure email, calendar, and contacts on corporate-owned and BYOD Android devices by communicating with an ActiveSync server in your enterprise.


Web@Work is a secure browser that allows your device users to easily and securely access your organization's web content.

File Manager

This secure File Manager allows a user to save, browse, and manage files in the secure container. For example, the user can browse saved email attachments. The user can also save documents from any other AppConnect app.

Other documentation about Ivanti-provided AppConnect apps

For more information about the AppConnect apps that Ivanti provides for Android, see:

  • Docs@Work for Android Guide
  • Email+ for Android Guide
  • Web@Work for Android Guide