Choosing a more complex AppConnect passcode

Secure Apps Manager allows the device user to create a more complex AppConnect passcode than you require. This capability gives device users more flexibility in their passcode choice while still meeting your minimum security requirements.

Specifically, the feature works as follows. In the AppConnect global policy, you specify whether the type of the AppConnect passcode must be numeric or alphanumeric. Secure Apps Manager allows the device user to enter non-numeric characters when you specify the type as numeric.

The following table shows Secure Apps Manager behavior depending on the specified AppConnect passcode type and minimum length specified in the AppConnect global policy:

Table 31.   Secure Apps Manager behavior when prompting for AppConnect passcode

AppConnect passcode type

AppConnect passcode length

Secure Apps Manager behavior



Numeric keypad with the option Create more complex passcode.

When the user taps the option, an alphanumeric keyboard displays.


Anything except 4

Alphanumeric keyboard



Alphanumeric keyboard

Note the following:

  • Because using a length of 4 with type numeric is the most common use of numeric passcodes, it is the only case when Secure Apps Manager displays a numeric keypad.

  • Consider the case when the device user switches from the numeric keypad to the alphanumeric keyboard to create the AppConnect passcode. Even if the created passcode contains only digits, when the device user needs to enter the passcode again, Secure Apps Manager will present the alphanumeric keyboard.