Creating the secure apps passcode

After the device user downloads and installs all his secure apps, he creates a passcode for the secure apps if you require one. Logging in one time provides access to all the secure apps.

The secure apps passcode is not the same passcode as the device password, if the device has one. The device user can choose the same values for both the secure apps passcode and the device password, or choose a different value for each of them.

To create the secure apps passcode, the device user:

Completes the steps in Downloading and installing the secure apps.

  1. Follows the instructions on the Passcode Setup screen, entering a new secure apps passcode, and then reentering it.
  2. The device user must adhere to the passcode requirements that are stated on the screen.

After creating the secure apps passcode, a lock icon appears in the status bar.

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