DLP policy for media player access

You configure the DLP policy for media player access on the Ivanti Neurons for MDM. You can choose whether to allow AppConnect apps to stream media to media players on the device.

You configure the setting in the AppConnect Device configuration for Android on Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

Consider these scenarios:

  • An AppConnect email app has an email with a voice recording attached. The email app can play the recording by using a media player on the device.
  • An AppConnect app contains video assets for executive communication and training.

If you allow this capability, AppConnect apps can stream the following file types to media players:

  • MP3 audio files
  • WAV audio files
  • MP4 video files

Media file requirements

AppConnect apps optimize media file downloading, encryption, and decryption, while still keeping the data secure in the AppConnect container. No encrypted copy of the media file is temporarily stored on the device’s SD card.

This optimization supports streaming larger files, where the supported file size depends on:

  • the device specifications
  • the Android version on the device
  • the apps running concurrently on the device

IMPORTANT: Ivanti recommends that secure apps developers perform tests to profile app performance based on the device, Android version, concurrently running apps, and media file size.