Device-initiated (local) compliance for iOS jailbreak detection

Ivanti Neurons for MDM checks a device for compliance with its security policy each time the device checks in. Ivanti Neurons for MDM also checks all devices for compliance at regular intervals to detect out-of-compliance devices that have not checked in. When a device is out of compliance, Ivanti Neurons for MDM initiates the specified compliance actions.

When an iOS device is jailbroken (compromised), some compliance actions can be device-initiated. Device-initiated compliance (local compliance) for jailbreak detection means:

  • The Ivanti client detects the violation.
  • The Ivanti client performs one or more of the following: alerts the user, blocks AppConnect apps, or retires AppConnect apps (blocks access to the apps and wipes their data).

These actions do not depend on connectivity to Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

Compliance actions for jailbroken devices is configured in the Compromised Devices policy on Ivanti Neurons for MDM. For more information, see "Policies" in the Ivanti Neurons for MDM Administrator Guide.