Hybrid web app support

Android Secure Apps supports full containerization for AppConnect-enabled hybrid web apps on devices. A hybrid web app is an Android app (APK file) that the device user installs on the device, unlike a pure web app that the user accesses through a web browser. A hybrid web app includes at least one screen that displays a web page. Phonegap apps are a type of hybrid web app.

Web@Work for Android, the secure browser that Ivanti provides, allows you to run pure web apps in the AppConnect secure container.

In a hybrid web app, business logic and content presentation occurs using Android WebView and WebKit technologies, specifically within an object of the Java class android.Webkit.WebView. The WebView object locally renders content using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The WebView object can access the web content from a network resource or from embedded web content.

Like other app data, data related to the android.webkit.WebView class is encrypted. This web-related data can include cookies, the web cache, and web databases.

The following diagram illustrates a hybrid web app on an Android device.

A hybrid web app on an Android device