Screen blurring

For added security, an AppConnect app’s screen should be blurred whenever the app becomes inactive. This behavior hides sensitive data.

Wrapped apps always blur the screen when the app becomes inactive. However, for SDK apps, the behavior changes with AppConnect 4.0 for iOS. Prior to AppConnect 4.0 for iOS, the app itself chose whether to blur the screen and implemented the behavior. For AppConnect 4.0 for iOS and supported later versions, the AppConnect library controls blurring screens. However, the app has to give the AppConnect library this control. Check your AppConnect app’s documentation to see whether it gives screen blurring control to the AppConnect library.

If the app has given screen blurring control to the AppConnect library, you can disable screen blurring by setting a key-value pair in your app’s AppConnect app configuration. The key is MI_AC_ENABLE_SCREEN_BLURRING with the value false.