Secure File Manager features

The Secure File Manager allows a user to save, browse, and manage files in the secure container. For example, the user can browse saved email attachments or SharePoint documents. The user can also save documents from any other AppConnect app.

The secure File Manager app also supports the following:

  • Unzipping files from a secure app

    When the device user taps a ZIP file in a secure app, such as when a ZIP file is an email attachment, the File Manager app opens. The files in the ZIP file are stored in the folder sdcard/UnzippedFiles. If the device user subsequently unzips a ZIP file containing files with the same name as previously stored files, the files are overwritten.

  • File download using the Android DownloadManager API

    Some secure apps use the Android DownloadManager API to download files securely to the device. For such downloads to be successful, the FileManager that Ivanti provides must also be installed on the device. The FileManager ensures downloaded files remain in the secure container. Only secure apps in the container can access the files.

  • Opening HTML files

  • Opening image files (file types supported by Android)