Configuring per-app idle session timeout for AppTunnel with TCP tunneling

For an AppConnect app using AppTunnel with TCP tunneling, you can control the idle session timeout for the TCP connection between the app and the enterprise server. This timeout is useful if the enterprise server takes more than 60 seconds to respond to a request from the app. The default idle session timeout is 60 seconds.

To specify a idle session timeout for an AppConnect app, provide a key-value pair in the app’s AppConnect app configuration that specifies the idle session timeout.

Table 23.  Idle session timeout key-value pair




An integer greater than 0.

The value is the number of milliseconds in which the enterprise server must respond to a request when using AppTunnel with TCP tunneling.

The Standalone Sentry handling the AppTunnel times out if this value is exceeded.

Default value: 60000