AppConnect for Android overview

This guide refers to Connected Cloud. Connected Cloud has reached end of life. Please see this article for more information.

AppConnect for Android provides a secure and managed container for enterprise applications and data on Android devices. These secure enterprise apps are called AppConnect apps or secure apps. You create an AppConnect app for Android using the Ivanti AppConnect wrapping technology. This wrapping technology transforms an Android app into a secure app with minimal app development.

The Android devices running AppConnect apps are registered to a server: either Core, Connected Cloud, or Ivanti Neurons for MDM. An enterprise uses the server to distribute the apps. The apps are called “in-house” apps, regardless of who developed the apps, because the apps are distributed by the enterprise. The app developer is either an in-house developer at the enterprise, or a third-party app developer.

To wrap an app, you either:

  • Submit it to the Ivanti AppConnect Wrapping Portal. Ivanti signs the wrapped apps with the Ivanti private key. Ivanti also signs the Secure Apps Manager and all secure apps provided by Core or Ivanti Neurons for MDM with the Ivanti private key.
    The AppConnect Wrapping Portal is the simplest and most common way to wrap apps. It can be used for apps that are distributed by Core, Connected Cloud, or Ivanti Neurons for MDM.
  • Use the AppConnect for Android Wrapping Tool, a desktop app, to wrap and sign your apps.
    Use the wrapping tool only if you require that your apps are signed with your own enterprise private key. Signing apps with your enterprise private key instead of the Ivanti private key is a security decision that your enterprise makes. The wrapping tool can be used only for apps that are distributed by Core, Connected Cloud, or Ivanti Neurons for MDM. Apps wrapped with the wrapping tool cannot be distributed by Ivanti Neurons for MDM.


  • You cannot distribute AppConnect apps on Google Play.
  • You cannot wrap an app (.apk file) that you get from Google Play.
  • Some apps cannot be wrapped, depending on the APIs or features they use. See Capabilities and limitations of apps you can wrap.

Legal notices are located here.

For information about AppConnect for Android from the perspective of a Core or Ivanti Neurons for MDM server administrator:

  • Core or Connected Cloud: The AppConnect Guide for Core
  • Ivanti Neurons for MDM: The Ivanti Neurons for MDM Administrator Guide
  • AppConnect for Android Release Notes and Upgrade Guide:
    • summary of new features
    • known and resolved issues
    • limitations
    • support and compatibility