The server administrator determines which AppConnect apps can:

  • be installed on each device.

  • can run on each device.

    If an AppConnect app is allowed to run, it is an authorized app. When a device user runs an unauthorized app, the Secure Apps Manager displays a message to the user, and the app exits.

An administrator also determines how many days a device can be out of contact with the server (not available on Ivanti Neurons for MDM). When the number of days is exceeded, the Secure Apps Manager removes the data for all the AppConnect apps. Finally, an administrator determines when a device is no longer registered with the server, such as when an employee leaves the company. At that time, all AppConnect apps on the device become unauthorized, and the Secure Apps Manager removes the data for all AppConnect apps.

The AppConnect wrapper, along with the Secure Apps Manager and the client app, handles app authorization. No additional app development is necessary.