Data loss prevention settings

An Ivanti server administrator specifies on the server Admin Portal the data loss prevention settings for AppConnect apps. Data loss prevention settings specify whether the following features are allowed:

  • screen capture
  • copy/paste
  • camera access
  • gallery access
  • media player access
  • unsecured browser access
  • access [email protected] from links in apps that are not AppConnect-enabled

The administrator applies the appropriate settings to a set of devices. Different sets of devices can have different data loss prevention settings.

The AppConnect app wrapper enforces the data loss prevention settings in the app. That is, depending on the server configuration, the app wrapper disables or enables the features. No app development is necessary.

Supported file sizes for streaming media

The data loss prevention setting for media player access enables or disables the app’s media streaming capability. If the setting is enabled, the app can stream MP3 audio files, WAV audio files, and MP4 video files to media players.

However, when streaming media files from the secure app to a media player, the supported file size depends on:

  • the device specifications
  • the Android version on the device
  • the apps running concurrently on the device

IMPORTANT: Ivanti recommends that you perform tests to profile app performance based on the device, Android version, concurrently running apps, and media file size.