Preparing to use the wrapping tool

Do the following tasks before using the wrapping tool:

  1. See Before wrapping an Android app.

  2. See Enterprise private key considerations with AppConnect for Android.

  3. Install the Java Development Kit (JDK) on your Windows or macOS computer.


  4. Install Android Studio on your Windows or macOS computer as an easy way to get the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) build-tools that the wrapping tool requires.

    See to download Android Studio. After downloading and installing Android Studio, launch it to install the standard Android SDK component and tools.

    The build-tools must be version 24.0.1 through the latest version.

  5. Obtain a private key for signing secure apps.

    You will upload the keystore file to the wrapping tool, and you will upload the matching public certificate to MobileIron Core or Connected Cloud.

    Use the Java keytool command to generate the public and private key pair. See

  6. Get the Secure Apps Manager and any other Ivanti-provided apps that you distribute. You will need to re-sign these apps with your enterprise private key. The apps are available at under MobileIron. For example, if you use [email protected], [email protected], or Email+, you must re-sign them.

    Do not re-wrap Ivanti apps, including the sample apps. You only re-sign the Secure Apps Manager and Ivanti apps.

  7. Download the wrapping tool, a JAR file, to your computer. In the AppConnect Wrapping Tool for Android page, click on the .jar file and down load it to your computer. You will need MobileIron Support login credentials provided to you by Ivanti.