AppStation configuration

Configurations for MAM-only with AppStation are created in Cloud. AppStation receives the configurations when it registers with Cloud.

Use the MAM Only configuration in Cloud to set up AppStation. For an overview of the configurations needed to set up AppStation see AppStation configuration steps overview.

Supported configurations for managing apps through AppStation

In addition, the following configurations in Cloud are supported for managing apps through AppStation:

  • Certificate
  • Identity Certificate
  • AppConnect configurations and policies
  • AppTunnel (related to AppConnect)
  • Mobile Threat Defense
  • Privacy
  • VPN
  • Wi-Fi

IMPORTANT: MDM-related configurations other than the ones listed are not supported for MAM-only devices.

For information on setting up the configurations, see the Cloud Administrator Guide.

Supported apps with AppStation

AppStation supports only apps that can be launched using a custom URL scheme. The following types of apps are supported:

  • AppConnect apps (in-house or from the Apple App Store)
  • Non-AppConnect apps (in-house or from the Apple App Store)
  • Web applications

However, Ivanti recommends distributing only AppConnect-enabled apps to MAM-only devices using AppStation. This is to avoid any conflicts arising from distributing apps which may already be available on the user's device. These apps may not be able to launch or connect to the servers as expected. For example, if the device already has the Outlook app, and you distribute Outlook through AppStation, the app will not display on AppStation Launcher. In this case Outlook will continue to connect to the original server.

Administrator actions supported for AppStation

The following administrator actions through AppStation are supported:

  • Force check in
  • Retire
  • Send messages