Provisioning the Android device

For a closed network / AOSP deployment, only Android Enterprise devices in Work Managed Device mode can be provisioned. In order to provision the device, the administrator needs to download the Device Policy Controller (DPC.)

What the Administrator does:

  • The Administrator adds the URL for the IIS server (where the Device Policy Controller (DPC) is hosted) into the Provisioner app and generates a QR code.

  • The Android device is rebooted to factory setting.

For more information, see Provisioning Android Enterprise devices using a QR code or NFC bump.

What the device user does:

Provisioning Non-GMS devices

  1. Sideload and install the Ivanti Mobile@Work app onto the device.

  2. Run the below command to provision the device into Device Owner (DO) mode. Be sure that the Ivanti Mobile@Work app is installed before running the command.

    adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.mobileiron/.receiver.MIDeviceAdmin

  3. Register the device by entering the server URL, username, and password.

Provisioning GMS devices

  1. Device user scans the QR code. The DPC is downloaded onto the device.

  2. Ivanti Mobile@Work client opens and requests the device user to enter the server URL.

  3. The device user enters the server URL, username and password.

  4. The device registration is completed.

Next steps 

Managing the closed network / AOSP devices