In-app registration for Android

You can ask Android device users to download Ivanti Mobile@Work from Google Play and register by themselves.


  1. Make sure that the device user has a user record (local or LDAP) available in Ivanti EPMM. See “Managing Users” in Getting Started with Ivanti EPMM.

  2. Instruct the device user on downloading the app and registering. The device user will need the following information:
    • user name

    • password and/or Registration PIN

    • server (and the port number, if you did not use the default port number for TLS)

What the device user sees

After downloading and installing Ivanti Mobile@Work , the device user must register with Ivanti EPMM by entering their user name, password, and server details.

If a customized terms of service agreement has been defined on Ivanti EPMM, device users will need to accept the agreement before registering with Ivanti EPMM.

Auto-populating the Ivanti EPMM server name during registration

Auto-populating the Ivanti EPMM server name streamlines the registration process and eliminates the need for the device user to type it. You can auto-populate the Ivanti EPMM server address based on the device phone number or the email address.

This feature is not supported for devices with Android v6.0 and above.

Auto-populating the Ivanti EPMM server name based on email address

To auto-populate the server name based on the device user’s email address, you only need to register your Ivanti EPMM with Ivanti, Inc. Additional configuration on Ivanti EPMM is not required.

Device users must enter their full email address when prompted to enter their user name in the registration screen. Ivanti, Inc matches the email domain to the appropriate Ivanti EPMM and populates the registration screen with the correct server name.

Registering your Ivanti EPMM with Ivanti, Inc

To register your Ivanti EPMM, open a ticket on the Ivanti, Inc Support portal and provide the following information:

  • Your company name (e.g. Ivanti, Inc)

  • Your email domain (e.g.

Auto-populating the Ivanti EPMM server name based on the phone number

You can also auto-populate the Ivanti EPMM server name based on the device’s phone number. The following setup is required:

  • Ivanti EPMM access to the Ivanti, Inc Gateway. Configure the required ports. See the “Changing Firewall Rules” section in the On-Premise Installation Guide for Ivanti EPMM and Enterprise Connector for details.

  • Enable server name look up in the Admin Portal on the Settings > System Settings > Users & Devices > Device Registration page.

To enable server name lookup:

  1. In the Admin Portal, go to Settings > System Settings > Users & Devices > Device Registration.

  2. Select Enable Server Name Lookup.

  3. Select Save.

  • Because this feature relies on a mobile number, it does not apply to iOS devices.

  • The mobile number must also be present on the SIM in order for the Enable Server Name Lookup option to work.

  • Registering Ivanti EPMM with Ivanti, Inc is not required.

Registering an Android device with Ivanti Mobile@Work

This registration method applies to registering Android devices using the following methods:


After the Ivanti Mobile@Work app is installed on your device, complete registration as a corporate device user.

  1. Tap the Ivanti Mobile@Work app icon. The “Get Ready for Work with Ivanti Mobile@Work ” page opens.

  2. Enter your company’s URL. You can also use the Scan QR code and Register with Email option.

  3. Tap Next.

  4. The Username page displays. Enter it and tap Sign In

  5. The Password field displays. Enter it and tap Sign In.

  6. After your credentials are verified, the Home page opens.

  7. Ivanti Mobile@Work checks for updates.

  8. Once registration is complete, the Privacy statement displays for the device user to read.

  9. Ivanti Mobile@Work guides the device user through the rest of the provisioning. The type of provisioning depends upon the policies and configurations set by the administrator.

Requiring device identifiers for enrollment

You have the option to make the collection of a device’s hardware identifiers such as the IMEI number and the phone number optional before the device is enrolled. If you disable Require device identifiers for enrollment, the enrollment will still proceed, but the client will not collect the device identifier data. The device would be a "PDA" device such as a tablet.


  1. In Admin Portal, go to Settings > System Settings > Users & Devices > Registration.

  2. Select Require device identifiers for enrollment.
    This is supported on devices using Android 6.0 or supported newer versions.

  3. Select Save.

Phone number lookup is supported on devices in Device Owner mode and using Android prior to Android 6.0.