This feature can also be used on SD cards, for most devices.

When wiping a device, Ivanti EPMM informs the device user of this action via email.

Administrators can wipe the device in Direct Boot mode in all Android Enterprise modes.

WARNING: Wiping a device returns it to factory defaults, which can result in loss of data.

Required Role: The Device Management: Wipe device role is required to use this feature.


  1. Go to Device & Users > Devices.
  2. Select the check box for the device to be wiped.
  3. Select Actions > Wipe.
  4. Optionally, select one or more of the following options: 
    • Preserve data plan (iOS 11 and later devices only) - Select this option to retain the data plan on devices running iOS 11, if one exists.
    • Skip Proximity Setup (iOS 11.3 and later devices only) - Select this option to skip the proximity setup pane in the iOS Setup Assistant.
    • Send Notification of wipe to registered user - Select (default) to allow an email / notification to be automatically generated when a Wipe command is sent. The Send Notification of wipe to registered user field is useful for users that have multiple devices. An email / notification will be automatically generated when the Wipe command is sent and prevents confusion to device users who may think Ivanti EPMM is wiping their current, active device De-select the check box to suppress notification when the Wipe command is used.

      To customize the email notification, go to System Settings > Settings > Templates > Other. Select the template type Action on Device.

  5. Select Wipe.

If the Ivanti Mobile@Work app on the selected device is currently connected, then this action will be applied immediately. However, if the Ivanti Mobile@Work app is not currently connected, then Ivanti EPMM will attempt to complete the operation by means of the SMTP configuration.