Activating the Samsung firmware E-FOTA license

NOTE - Samsung Firmware E-FOTA has been decommissioned: As of August 2022, Samsung discontinued the Samsung E-FOTA service. As a result, upon upgrade to Ivanti EPMM, the following occurs:

  • In Policies > Add New > Android Firmware Policy dialog box, the "Enable Samsung Firmware Policy" field is disabled.
  • Upon upgrade, in the existing policy and new policy (in the case where the license has not yet been deactivated), the "Enable Samsung Firmware" field will still be visible but it will be read-only. The administrator will need to delete the existing policies and deactivate the license before creating the new policy.

  • The Services > Samsung > Samsung Firmware E-FOTA License Management page is disabled; the administrator cannot activate or deactivate an E-FOTA license. If you have an existing E-FOTA license already set up, the Deactivate button is enabled and the administrator will need to manually deactivate the Samsung Firmware E-FOTA License.

For more information on end of life and alternatives, see Samsung Knox EOL article.